Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More Stuff

These are some illustrations I did at the beginning of the year. They're chapter illustrations from The Elves of Owl's Head Mountain and The Land of the Nen-Us-Yok; available on Amazon.com or whole sale through Baker and Taylor, or ask your local library if they have it, if not demand that they do. For info go to http://www.atlasbooks.com/coldriver/elves.htm

And yes, yes that was just a shameless plug for me to sell more books. So go buy one.

Hell Boy

I suppose Hell Boy could fit into the Halloween theme. This my first time ever drawing Hell Boy, a lot of fun actually. It's not finished, but maybe I'll post the finished version later... No I probably won't. Let's be honest, I'll never finish it.

Franken Fairy

Happy Halloween, and welcome to my blog. It only took me the better part of four years, but I finally did. I know it's pretty amazing that I did it that quickly. But the good thing is I can post a bunch of old crap I did over those four years and you're none the wiser. It's new to you. (And by you I mean me, 'cause as of now I'm probably the only one reading this.) These are some illustrations from greeting card concepts that'll never see the light of day.